Our Philosophy

The Hong Kong Football Academy specialises  in football coaching and related sports activities. We are all about the quality of the journey and not just the destination.

We believe that Hong Kong has an abundance of football talent but we believe that this potential talent fails to blossom because of a lack of professionalism, an insufficient infrastructure and a fatalistic/defeatist attitude towards elite sports performance- “there is no future through football in Hong Kong”.

We believe in the ability of all young people to aspire to greatness and are committed to trying our best to help them achieve this. If you love football and are willing to try your best to become as good as you can be, you have come to the right place. We can not promise that you will become the next Leo Messi but we can gaurantee that the journey will positively change your life……..

Football is a mirror of life. Life is a mirror of football.

We are old school and believe in the idea that we should develop a good person if we wish to develop a good athlete. Consequently, we teach old school values, like honesty, integrity, hard work, responsibility, commitment, loyalty, respect and honor (things we consider sadly lacking in today’s society).

To achieve elite performance levels, we believe it will take a collective effort from all of us, players,coaches and parents alike.

Below are some of the characteristics of our club philosophy. We believe these are FUNDAMENTAL  in achieving long term success in football and life.

  • The Academy is guided by a Long Term Development Plan
  • Unlike most schools and clubs, both here and abroad, the Academy attempts to give its players what they need not what they want or what will make them or their parents happy; or make the coach look good.
  • We are not a BSS (baby sitting service).
  • We do not do convenient. We do not compromise. We prefer to go out of our way to do what is right.
  • Although we fundamentally believe in sportsmanship and fair play, the Academy highly values the importance of  winning- and it usually does!
  • We do not believe in equal playing time (we believe it should be earned).
  • We believe everyone deserves to play and receive PROFESSIONAL training.

In short, when you come to the Academy you can expect that you will receive every bit of guidance you need to get better. In return, you are expected to try your best, (parents included), forget convenience and do whatever you can to make yourself as good as you can be, not just for yourself but for your team mates and your club/city/country!

Play as you train. Train as you want to play. Do both with honor and integrity.

Our playing philosophy is exactly the same as our off the pitch philosophy. We play as a committed and united team, working hard for ourselves and our team mates. We do not play the easy long ball game and we do not give the ball to our best player and rely on him to make us win/look good. Instead, we prefer to play a more cerebral, collective pass and move game, which might take a little longer to perfect but which we believe will best serve our players for the future. At the same time, as we believe that football is fundamentally an art form, we encourage our players to express their individual passion and love for their art through their own creative interpretation of the game. “Just do it” was in fact wrong.  Just feel it is actually what sports is all about.

Consistent with this we do not care to win as much as we care to perform and we we will always win together, lose together but never make excuses.

At the end of the day, the Academy produces the closest thing to professional football and professionally minded players there is to be found in Hong Kong.

Parents and players, I hope you are starting to get the picture and feel the same way as we do about football/sports and life?  If so and you are still interested to join I look forward to welcoming you to our Academy family.

Edward Fordham,

Director of Coaching